“Just the way that Anand leads his life, I find him a constant inspiration for me, which is part of the reason I work with him. He’s very caring without being judgmental, which makes it really easy to talk to him. His guidance comes from his heart and I know that his purpose is to see me happy and fulfilled in my life… He’s so passionate and excited about his work, it’s not possible for you to not get fully engaged and excited too… He also helped me see my relationship with my mom in a different light and that improved my communication with her… Anand is not a crystal ball. He won’t tell you what to do. He helps you see the answers within yourself, what’s always been there. For me, his coaching is invaluable. It’s been a great blessing and privilege to have him in my life.”

Anna M. Portland, OR

“I find it very useful to talk to Anand when I feel stuck. When I get to that place where I feel there is nothing new to learn about myself. When I’ve got it all figured out but life is somehow still not working. In these situations, Anand always seems to be able to see the bigger picture and my place in it in a way I can’t -- which offers me the perspective shift I need to move forward. I’d recommend Anand to ANYONE. The insight he facilitates is transformative. You’ll be challenged and inspired and also faced with the very real truth. You can count on Anand to tread with kindness though. He is as gentle as he is talented and as much a guide as he is a partner on your journey.”

Andrea R. London, ENG

“Anand has great insight into the world. If you haven’t met him, it’s truly an amazing experience. He understands how life actually works, what things mean and how they all interrelate. He’s a truly remarkable person to know. He’s been integral in my life and my wife’s life. We owe him the world. He’s just like this old soul that you can’t help but love to meet and love to know. I know he’s out there in Colorado doing big things and changing the world but I wish he’d come out and see us in Los Angeles more often.”

Derek W. Los Angeles, CA

“Anand is a very special person. His passion is unbelievable. He helps you in so many ways. I’ve never really met someone like him. He’s a source of so much spiritual brilliance. There are things that he’s said to me years ago when I was 21 years old that have become so important in my life as I’ve grown and really understood them. That’s remarkable to me. He’s just a guide. There’s no judgment or criticism. It’s just loving acceptance of whatever I may be manifesting at the moment. He also sensitively integrates suggestions and alternatives to help me. He just helps me see myself more clearly and I think that’s the most beautiful part of the work he does. He’s someone that I turn to for almost every big decision that I make. I’m so grateful for him in my life. If you choose to work with him, you will transform.”

Palomi S. San Francisco, CA

“Anand will change your life. He worked with me and changed mine. He gave me insights that I couldn’t understand how he could know these things. Ever since I worked with him I’ve been so much happier in my life and if you work with him, I promise you will be too. He’s brilliant. He’s one of the most loving and kind people I know and, most importantly, he’s truly sincere about wanting to help people. That’s what gives his life so much meaning.”

Barni R. Los Angeles, CA

“Anand is a caring coach with a deep understanding and acceptance of human nature. He’s psychologically astute, intuitive and even humorous. I find him respectful, flexible and, importantly, able to meet me where I am in the dynamic process of self-examination and taking action. Not only is he thoroughly knowledgeable as a counselor, but able to hold on to enormous amounts of details in order to see patterns and themes. His insights have been quite helpful to me in gaining new perspectives about myself, especially in connection with family, and as a result, improving my relationships with them. Consider your lucky if you have the opportunity to consult with Anand.”

Deb H. Lafayette, CO

“I’ve been to a lot of healing practitioners over the years and I would say Anand is the best one and most thorough I’ve ever been to. He's excellent and right on. He can work with you at whatever level you want to be worked with. And I know that Anand works on himself just as much as he does with his clients and I really appreciate that.”

Ray V. Boulder, CO
"Leap and the net appears!" - words spoken by Anand Vadehra that literally changed my life! I was painfully ready to move into a wide open space where freedom wasn't merely a concept, but a deeply felt experience in every possible facet and area of my life. I knew I was seeking a level of freedom I hadn't yet experienced in my life and then came Anand! My prayers were answered- supremely, completely, and utterly! Its seemed almost odd how finely tuned our encounters have been during the year and a half we've worked together on and off. Anand's mentoring, patience, wisdom, insightfulness, and commitment to my transformation have been unmatched by anyone I've previously encountered. I've had high voltage emotions matched by breakthroughs that only someone with Anand's expertise could handle. I've felt so deeply respected, understood, and loved in the process and have begun to find new levels of freedom I'd only previously dreamed of. With Anand's help, I LEAPED and alas, the net appeared!! I will never ever be the same!!!!!!
Piper M. Denver, CO